First full week

9 Jan

The first full work week of the new year felt like everybody was getting repatrioted to their desks. I wasn’t completely off for the holidays like some folks, but still it felt like the five days were 12 days long.

We have all the snow that everybody was pining for, enough so that I went to kick a little off the back of my car, a small continental shelf of ice and snow dropped out of my wheel well. The persistent cold does alter your reality. After a string of days in the teens, I saw a forecast for a day in the twenties and it seemed downright balmy. Skipped the hat, left the second scarf at home and turned the heat in the car down a notch. That brings me to one of Murphy’s automotive laws, you never lose a headlight when the temp is over 40. It is always bitterly cold and you have to move some metal parts in that cold that cannot be manipulated with gloves on. Somewhere, the automotive gods chuckle.

I occasionally get Mitch Albom’s column through a variety of sources and his recent “new rules” column cracked me up, sort of a practical nod to Bill Maher’s feature, however indirectly. I didn’t agree with every tenet, but he did give a lot of food for thought. Here’s what I’d like to see:

Politicos have to know what the word “reform” actually means. Many use it like something is going to change, but most often for them it just means “we’ll be the ones screwing you now.” Reading about shenanigans in the Erie County Legislature from thursday, no fewer than four speakers used that word in dubious context. And so it goes.

I’d like the Buffalo Bills to quit playing with us. I know Bill Cowher is positioning himself for his optimal next job, and the Bills quest is still in its early stages. While Cowher to the Bills would be great, I don’t think it’s going to happen. But on the upside, the last winning Bills Coach, Wade Phillips, will probably be available the moment the Cowboys lose. So there are always options. I got a feeling, some coordinator somewhere will be the next guy.

Good thing the Sabres are doing well. They have been a lot more fun this year than in the past two seasons, but they make me nervous still when trying to sit on a lead. Our guys took the third period against the Leafs off and played defense, decent defense, but the Laffs nearly got back into it. The goalie situation is fine, defensively life is good, but Darcy should find the team another offensive threat and who knows where things can go.

Albom mentioned something in his column about Fox, MSNBC, and CNN going off the air at 6. I think they can stay on, but they need to just keep covering news. Rachel Maddow can keep her show since she’s smarter than all of the others collectively, but I think the prison hologram in Superman II can accommodate Hannity, King, O’Reilly, Olbermann, Matthews, and even Wolf (as any professional broadcaster who uses “UM” as much as he does could use some downtime.

NBC screwed up with Jay Leno and Conan O’brien. And they continue to screw up, by not figuring this out. Who couldn’t see that coming? Dragging out the “what’s next?” only makes the Law and Order network (since they will be showing a lot of that soon) look even dumber. I’m thinking it’s ultimately going to mean Conan going to Fox as Jay won’t want just 30 minutes. Can’t see that as an answer as that would mean the Jimmy Fallon show, which has become pretty good, would get blasted to 1:05 am, making it worth a little less.

The local company bought all the tickets to a meaningless football game last week, then announced it was raising rates. That’s timing for you.


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