Breaking News

needs to be redefined. The obvious isn’t necessarily news. With all the snow lately, my car keeps saying “Low traction” because apparently the No Shit light is burnt out. Information that really isn’t

For example, Mark McGwire admits to steriod use when he broke the home run record? Really? whodathunkit? To watch him as an Oakland A, he could swing for sure, but like Bonds before him, he made the transition from gangly to Popeye before our eyes. That was more than eating right and lifting a little

Sarah Palin signs with Fox News. Seriously, I’m gobsmacked, didn’t see that one coming.

In a related note, the Pope apparently is still Catholic and Generalissimo Franco is still dead.

“Nothing new to report in the Bills and Bill Cowher…” then why report it?? Airtime is at such a premium that most of the reports on the local news sights segue off to their websites and nondevelopments warrant hyping? If you got nothing to say about the matter, move on. This is a philosophy that will help keep food on your plate at the dinner table as well. tell what we need to know, like the details behind the circus of the Erie County Legislature or even if the funeral procession for Gumby’s deceased founder will all move on their right leg only.

In other news, bears, if left to their own devices, will shit in the woods.


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