Vagabound Ramblings

I like that phrase. I didn’t think of it, but I’m not beyond appreciating other folks poetry. It was a the response of a feature reporter to what he thinks about blogs. Fair enough, but when you consider the past week or so, it’s enough to make you talk to yourself.  The blog at least keeps me off the streets away from the mutterings of others, especially the guy in Sweet Tooth who tries to eat his own face.

I mean really. Rush Limbaugh says the President’s plans for aid in Haiti are political? No foolin?? Everything a president is political, ya tool! Can’t cover a subject right don’t cover it all. Don’t suppose you are just talking for the sake of the headlines…

Speaking of tools, Harry Reid’s use of antiquated language is not the same as Trent Lott’s lauding the racism  championed by Strom Thurmond. So, Michael Steele needs to stop screaming double standard everytime a microphone finds it way to his lapel.

Jay Leno/Conan O’brien: I don’t really watch either with any regularity. The barbs back and forth are fun, and the real blame is with the NBC executives who concocted this hairbrained scheme to start with, but Leno is not immune in my eyes. If you say you are quitting in 09, you’re done in 09. I don’t feel bad for either host since they make more in a week than I’ll see in a lifetime. Been fun to watch. A local TV writer is correct. Conan should follow Ricky Gervais’ lead and just let it hang out while NBC continues to screw him. Perhaps he should bring everybody home and restart on Fox.

I have trouble getting exercised about the County Executive’s ill-received quip at the State of the State address. If the woman is a friend, and thought it was funny, let’s move on. The hallowed halls of the State House have been more like Animal House lately and we have actual problems to face, including many of the folks who regularly report for work there.

“Respect the process!” was getting shouted at City Hall in the Common Council’s search to fill a vacancy, like any party leaders on either side have done that lately. The ironic things is that for all the unnecessary theater, the council got a guy fit for the job and Darrius Pridgen got a chance to campaign and put himself out front for the election that has to take place in the fall. This might be what win win looks like.

The Onion magazine is selling a humor poster from the last presidental election, bearing the headline “Black Man given nations worst job.” A year later, that job appears to be Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills. The one guy who expressed an interest and met the criteria, Brian Billick, can’t get an interview. Meanwhile, the rest of the league is treating the Bills like a fart in a phone booth, they can’t get out fast enough. It’s a little sad that in the early 90s the Bills were the class of the league and now so much of what was fixed is so broken.

Could Pat Robertson be a bigger horse’s patoot?

It’s a nice billboard, but Bill Cowher isn’t coming to Buffalo. I’m not so sure I want him to. These rock star coaches want this in place and that in place. Hey, if you’re such a good coach, um, teach already.


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