All we are saying is give Chan a Piece

I seem to remember Marv Levy’s record not being anything to get excited about when he was hired in 1986 to replace Hank Bullough as the Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills. That seemed to work out alright.

Can you imagine somebody with Levy’s 1986 record applying in the Bills recent coaching search?

Lord knows there is a lot broken about the Bills at the moment.

I don’t know if Chan Gailey is the answer or if Ralph Wilson has checked out on Western New York completely, but I’m falling into the give the guy a shot camp. He built teams that did well. While I’m sure Jerry Jones is blowing a little smoke, he has some skills and we, as a region, shouldn’t punish him for not being Bill Cowher.

Some of the scuttlebutt had Cowher wanting a quarterback to work with, etc. If I have Bill Cowher’s money, I’d wait as well. But it sort of rings hallow in what you want as a coach. You want somebody to direct the team, somebody to make the team. Mr. Cunningham is probably still laughing about Charlie Weis. I still think Trent Edwards can be good provided he gets good coaching (remember 4-1 pre-concussion?) Given the Bills’ porous offensive line, I don’t think Joe Montana could have had success in that “Pocket.”

Chan brings that offensive background that we’ve been needing, along with a name us cheeky headline writers can mock. One more southern drawl though and the Bills should be about ready for Friday Night Lights


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