C.S.I. Halftime

It isn’t surprising for the Who to be the latest rock act to sign up for Super Bowl duty. This year’s game is on February 7, on CBS where the three CSI shows reside, all complete with Who songs as themes, so I’m betting on the setlist already is done. The day after the game I turn 46, a point brought homewhen this 25 year old version of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” that is below came on the radio on the drive home tonight. It is Pete Townshend, solo with the Deep End band — a huge group that had David Gilmour sitting in on guitar. This was in 85, but Gilmour then looked like a stoic version of Top Gear’s James May with the hair. I remember seeing this on MTV and delighted when I found an LP of this show at flea market that my best friend and I listened to until the vinyl started to go gray.

Anyhoo, in twitter-ese, here’s some #MusicMonday to welcome a #FollowFriday

It’s on Itunes and well worth the 99 cents


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