Extreme Home Makeover….the episode

I’m a bad buffalonian

I took a little good natured guff about not being over the moon about the finished episode of the Buffalo edition of “Extreme Home Makeover.” I certainly to mean to be negative, I strive more for a sense of pragmatism. It was a great week, especially for an area that doesn’t see that many great weeks. You can barely see City Hall from Massachusetts Ave., and there is more than just a little metaphor for that.

I don’t begrudge the Powell Family at all. I think it’s great for that amount of light to get into a space where precious little was shown before. It’s terrific for the City to be national tv with nary a snow joke, but it, when all was said and done, a tv show.

More people have used the word momentum since the broadcast schedule was announced, like there is some great cosmic effect taking place. We had a beautiful week and the highlights made for a nice program, mercifully free of downtown talking heads who didn’t contribute anything anyway. Somehow, that never slows them down from getting face time typically.

I read all the sound bytes from City Leaders during the production and with the amount of smoke being blown, it’s lucky the Powells don’t need a humidor. “We can keep it going,” “We should build upon this,” and from a councilman who controls the purse strings for just such ventures: “We should do our own on the east side.” Yeah, sure, I’ll cop to being a bit of a Deputy Downer on this one. You betcha, we should do this on the east side. A former classmate of mine pointed out that it was November when this was done.

Understood, but hey momentum is momentum, you can plan a little. I’ll eat those words a little as David Stapleton, owner of David Homes, is rallying his considerable forces. That is great, laudable and impressive and that will work as Push Buffalo, Buffalo Reuse and Stapleton lead a considerable charge. He said he was going to make it happen and he backed that up. If he ran for office, I’d vote for him.

It came up in a discussion that we are stuck in a silver bullet mentality and it is true. From the casino, to Bass Pro, to new convention centers, and hypothetical headquarters for cable companies that have ceased to be, to the 42 year old newspaper that exclaims “Buffalo Waterfront ready to take off!” the photo ops have been a plenty and the results, not so much. You want the photo fine, but first find the scumbag who sold Mrs. Powell the place in such disrepair.

An area got a second chance at life and I’m looking forward to the sequel, but the work that was done that week was infinitely more important that any program will ever be. Sure a few narcissists got on tv for showing up, but they showed up and that is what was truly important.

I’m a bad buffalonian


One thought on “Extreme Home Makeover….the episode

  1. That’s some kind of bs that they can’t find the previous owner, although he probably sold it as is, so it’s a bit pointless. Google Teofilo Maldonado. Pundit wrote about him once and most of the comments ignored it.

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