Nice tray, Pee-Wee

We are all gadget junkies. I admit this freely. New toys get our curiousity moving. I had to caution my daughter about loving her cell phone for a little longer as the phone company would sell her one, at the full price of the phone. A harsh dose of reality stuck right there. I’ve been contemplating a smarter phone and am taking the Iphone plunge. Some portable ability & data, along with a little job needs had me leaning in the direction of something with a little more wherewithal. My current carrier decided to reward my almost decade long affiliation with more fees, so the only thing left to do was to hit back where they live, and leave them.

Blackberries left me sort of cold. Might as well have a little fun, so Iphone it is, not sure about the Ipad after the reception it got in the playhouse.