Into the Mystic

You got to have faith.

In what exactly, that is not always clear. One of the Buddhas of my youth posited that “Blind faith in anything can you killed.” A little extreme, but I think he has a point. We need to ask questions and allow for the fact that we aren’t always right. What works for you should be respected, but might not work for me, and that should be okay.

I go to a church semi-regularly that professes to be all-welcoming, but I’ve seen incidents that we are essentially as full of shit as any other faith based gathering. I still kick myself over not stepping up for this young woman who was sitting with her baby. The baby was cooing and charming the pants out of pretty much everybody in the section except for these two old bitties who harped on “there’s a quite room for babies…” to the point where the woman and her child understandable left. Drives me nuts. Church elders kvetch about the teens not immediately diving into the church community once they are out of high school. One of the really bright young women at the church gave a sermon recently about how she needed to look or looks for God in people. I thought that was incredibly apt, as there really isn’t any other place within which to look. You want to see something tangible. It’s sometimes hard to take written word as gospel (pun entirely intended). A former employer wrote of how it is possible to be good, live a good life without cowtowing to a particular diety, and I do think he’s correct in that regard.

George Carlin used to do a great bit about “how the invisible man in the sky that I believe in can kick the ass of the invisible man that you believe in.”

Faith is a personal thing. What is good for you is naturally going to be different for me. Both those goods have merit. But you don’t always get to those ends by the ritual sunday morning gatherings, sometimes I’ve gotten more from the hour long mental holiday than by what has been presented to me.

But that doesn’t define me and your faith doesn’t define you. By the same token, none of them should determine well, anything for anybody, outside of those gatherings. I guess that is a little redundant, but I guess this has it’s roots in my reading opinions about the ongoing Gay marriage debate and inevitably the columnists against would invariably exclaim “the church recognizes…” Well, for many reasons, it’s a good thing there is more than one church.

We first started taking our kids to the church as more of a community thing, so they can see what is out there and eventually drawn their own conclusions. I’m pretty sure that was the same rationale my folks applied to me and my siblings.

So, I’m not entirely sure where I stand other than to believe anything is possible. As Robin Williams said some years ago, “You know God must have a sense of humor, look at a platypus!”


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