Bridge over Troubled Water

Simon and Garfunkel recently came back into my musical thoughts courtesy of a friend’s citation on youtube. Despite driving each other nuts, S&G were great together and one of those few acts pretty much everybody agreed on how good they were and are together. I actually used the metaphor in a conversation today about “stripping away everything but the vocalist and one instrument, that will tell you if you have a good song.”

And with this, you do. People were talking earlier this week about how old the Who were looking at the Super Bowl. I remember watching the Mamas and the Papas at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, being back up by 9 vocalists, and just cringed. I tend to think if you can play who cares as long as the song is good (Mike’s reason #1 for why Lady Gaga better check the time on her 15 minutes). Solomon Burke hasn’t gotten out of his chair in 40 years and can still sing rings around most of the top 40 chart. B.B. King still has the goods and so do these guys. Ignore the fact that Art is bearing a uncanny resemblance to Mort from “Family Guy,” pay no attention to neither that questionable fashion choice or that Paul seems to be interrupting, and enjoy one that still sounds good.