Thanks, that was fun

To paraphrase that noted hockey fan Charles Schultz, “Rats!”

To put it in perspective, the US Men’s Hockey Team wasn’t supposed to be in the medals, but a few epic games lead to a classic today. Congrats by all means to Canada. I was a little worried when our All-World goaltender was going to spend two weeks in the hands of the braintrust of the Toronto Maple Leafs, but the rest of the world found out we know, just how good he is. I’ve missed Sabres hockey, but it has been a hoot to see people jump on the bandwagon and I’m sure HSBC Arena will erupt when he takes the ice and you know he will.

The whole team looked like they wanted to kill themselves during the medals ceremony and you’d have to have a heart of stone to not be moved by the images of Miller alone with his thoughts right after the goal or of Miller and Sabres coach Lindy Ruff meeting at centre ice (spelled in honor of the winners). On the bright side, none of our guys got hurt during the tourney and perhaps this will make Ryan mad for the March run.

Left with just one question, why did it have to be Crosby?!?!


Powder Keg

The pictures are all over the place and the ones I got aren’t that great, but I am very glad I went. Bragging about tubing down the skyway might be more impressive than actually doing it, but there is a first time for everything.

Sure it is easy to gripe about the slow ride or the slush around the broomball court, one defenseman swept more water than ball. That said, it was great to see all that stuff going on downtown on a Saturday that would normally be quiet.

With a little tweaking, a second door to the maze, a little more powder on the tubing hill, we are on to something. Lord knows the guy running the Timmy Ho’s in HSBC tower is still counting his money. Lines were very long for the maze, but that is a bit of a happy problem.

Skipped the hockey in favor of the mirth, might have to reverse that tomorrow.

Good going, Newell