Sunny Afternoon

There are great sounds, sounds that change our moods, shift your pace, awaken otherwise preoccupied senses. I was asked what my favorite was sometime ago and didn’t have an answer for the question. I think I fumbled around with a couple of answers, but the sound of the water lapping up against the shoreline is one of those grand pace changers. I’m ready for ice to be back in just my drink, ready for the boom to come out, ready for a breeze, not a bluster. With the Powder Keg fest in our collective taillights, I’m ready for spring to do its thing. Judging by the amount folks down by the marina on Saturday and on Goat Island today, I suspect I’m not alone.

Nice Rainbow!

Tourists will be back to ride these soon enough.

This is still fences off. Can you imagine losing the grip on the phone or a camera and having to watch it slide all that way into the drink?

The First tourist, if you look closely you can see him unable to fold his map. Meanwhile, back at the marina…

Pond hockey season is definitely over.

Pretty soon, we’ll see the true shore.


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