“Wrestle the world from Fools…”

The armchair pundit in me is instantly entertained at the notion of Carl Paladino running for Governor. I don’t know if his background truly preps him for that post, but you can’t say much about the other folks who’ve held or wanted the job recently either. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Paladino and his sense of getting things done. I’m not sure what kind of governor he can be given the twisted culture there, but I do know the campaign just got a lot more entertaining.

Speaking of which, the State Republican party chairman already through his support to the throughly bland Rick Lazio. This is a pet peeve of mine as your party is going to have a primary to determine your candidate for November. Shouldn’t a party chairman put a sock in it until after the primary? Doing so before, I think, unfairly moves money, influences opion, keeps some voters from leaving home and ultimately can bastardize the process. That may be part of the plan on their end.

Saw a commercial break during the noon news where an grocers funded anti-soda tax aired, right after an Albany funded pro-tax, “Pro-Health” ad aired. Usually you don’t see the same subject matter back to back in tv advertising. Me? I was more taken back that this was even an issue.

But, here we are, the state’s most prominent citizens reside in the section of New York that we call Florida because of moves like further taxation, instead of responsible spending and budgeting. The Lt. Governor wants to borrow against the debt. Gov. Mario Cuomo applied that to the Attica Prison in 1990. The Buffalo News had an interesting article on how “Well” that worked out for us.

Follow this link to watch the funds go up in smoke: http://www.wgrz.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=75249&catid=37

I mean schools should be palaces and good teachers should make six figures. That is key, instead we have part time salaries for “leaders” and tax-free pensions calculated on what you made for the past three years. I can’t begrudge recipients of stuff like that as I would take it offered. And when the money is out, the first place to quickly slash is the education monies. This while our reps tweet from the Tavern on the Green or facebook post from “economic development” sojurns in Jamaica. All that does is to say we have a problem and hey, we’re about to make it worse.

This thing is broken and has been for sometime. Hopefully, Carl can dare/cajole/shame into some repairs getting done.

If we get the leadership we deserve, we must have stunk a lot.


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