21 Mar

Gizmos have never intimidated me, always been more fascinated than scared. Being a little socially inept, quietly exploring what something can do has always come with some ease. For some time, I’ve been contemplating a phone improvement. Need to keep track of a little more, despite the three calendars that I write on. My current agreement wouldn’t allow for such latitude, so I, with many breaths, took the Iphone plunge. It’s been here for almost a day and I’m not relaxed with it yet.

It’s a little daunting. I can look a photograph of my son at age 4 perfectly at home running windows xp (that tells you a little something about Microsoft’s fortunes). There is a bit of a learning curve, but as I remind everybody who I teach something, “nothing is going to blow up.”

Learning to on-screen typing and what-not is coming. I felt a little flushed wading through the paperwork which is unusual. I skipped any rationalizing, because there is none. The bill will be just a few dollars more than it was previously so I can some web with my phone and roll my minutes and all the crap.

We’ll get comfortable in time, but it is just a little daunting at the moment.


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