“just a bill…”

Like many folks, I was watching Extreme Federal Government Makeover on C-SPAN on Sunday night for a bit during the Health Care Debate. You know there had to be some staffer or staffers at C-SPAN jazzed that they had an audience of some size. Sunday night, C-SPAN was trending higher on Twitter than Justin Beiber (whoever the hell he is).

I have mixed emotions about the Health Care bill itself. We need to do something. Republicans apparently didn’t want to do anything other than say no to anything the Democrats suggested. They, in turn, wanted a bill passed, not necessarily a good one, just passage apparently.

Neither side of the aisle should be proud of themselves. Representative Boehner was screaming with such bluster Sunday night, issuing platitudes about lack of transparency, no leadership, not an open process, etc. After watching how his hair never moved during that tantrum, I couldn’t help but wonder about who’s fault was that? You’re there, and if you need to be tapped on the shoulder to join in the discussion on such a huge issue, perhaps you are in the wrong line of work. If Representative Slaughter needs to bait and switch, or, wait a minute, “Deem and pass” then perhaps we might need to refine what we are working on a little more.

Sadly, the best part might be the slowing of the soundbites. Senator McCain was already posited that there won’t be any more cooperation. This voter hasn’t seen any in some time. With one side doing nothing but obfuscating and the other concerned with nothing but getting around those road blocks of the obfuscators. They can be equally embarrassed at the theatrics. It may have passed, but there is still some work to do, so I have a feeling Rush Limbaugh isn’t leaving the country anytime soon.

Crappy examples all. The honed resentment on both sides isn’t going to accomplish anything. The parties need each other. Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil would jaw at each other all the time, and things would happen. Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch would drive each other crazy and find ways to work together. What these folks don’t seem to realize is they need each. We have to get past variations on “President Bush ran up a war time deficit and that is good, and President Obama ran up a domestic one and that is bad.” Longtime Congressmen are eventually arguing against positions they once held because their party is either in the White House or not. It would be good if the President would meet some practical middle ground because the recession is still, ya know, here. It would also be good for the GOP to have some other model than “play our way or we’ll take our ball and go home.”

Either way, if C-Span could get ratings, bet they were pretty good Sunday night. But remember on one of the final episodes of “Night Court,” the one with the dueling Ann Landers? Louise Slaughter reminded me of that last night.

“Excuse me for living, but the graveyard is full!”


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