“No Cooperation for the Rest of the Year…”

Bill Maher is right. Check this out (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bill-maher/new-rule-you-cant-use-the_b_515354.html) In light of the passage of the health care bill into law, the democrats should keep working. Bill spoke during his latest “New Rules” segment about not only should they savor the possibility of getting drunk with power, everybody should line up and do a shot again. Regardless of where you stand on the bill, we can agree something got done. It was major. It was huge and it got finished. At the heart of it, that is why we send people to Washington to work.

Part of being in power means the other side has to take a seat for four years. The democrats didn’t back down, didn’t shy away from the tantrums and obfuscations. Yes, if I’m a conservative republican (I’m not), I’m disappointed. I suppose I’m also upset with my representatives. If the house minority leader doesn’t feel he in the loop, I would venture to say he needs to let somebody else take over that position as he is waiting for an invite, that he fricken received!! It’s not government camp, not everybody is going to get to play.

I fully understand some of the tea-party stuff. It’s easy to see how people can feel disenfranchised, but these are odd times, made more complicated by the GOP resenting the fact they aren’t in charge. Nobody said a thing of note during the two jocularity laden years of “Contract for America.” Newt Gingrich and the gang did what they wanted until…we had elections! When President Reagan threatened to turn ketchup into a vegetable, Tip O’neil did raise a momentary stink, but he remembered being sent to Washington to work. The battles between Orrin Hatch and Ted Kennedy are legendary, as were the shared happy hours. The ultimate term limiter! Those elections are. It’s a little different with the constant news cycles and let’s face it after the dinner hour CNN, MSNBC, and Fox all turn into soapboxes of propaganda for the evening. That’s a lot of bluster time to fill amd too many people are lapping up the latest Beck-ism, maxim from Olbermann like it is something more than opinion. Blind faith in anything can you killed, folks.

Everybody is all high and mighty when they are in power. Democrats rightly wailed about the cost of the wars initiated by the Bush/Cheney administration and how the people didn’t want the war. Republicans have been doing likewise with healthcare. Both point fingers at the other about the Bank and Auto bailouts which is interesting because both played hands in those and to waste time arguing about where fault lies doesn’t address the issue.

So, like it or not, Bill’s sentiment is right. Something got done. That amazes me. I’m no Pelosi fan, but something happened and if you are in charge, you don’t stop. I admittedly have mixed emotions about the bill’s means to it ends, but it’s done and in the words of President Bartlet, “what’s next?” The Republican leadership doesn’t like it and that is fine too, but move on. Remember the Bush tax proposals from early in that adminstration. Parts did get struck down. Don’t threaten things like no cooperation when you never gave any to start with, because we need continued action not obfuscation. Whiny inertia isn’t leading, representing or even dignified for that matter.

They say a statesman is a politician who’s been dead for 20 years. We could use a few statesmen now.


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