Days like today

made Ferris Bueller the man he is today.

That is the view from my office window a few hours back. I’m still learning the nuances (or lack thereof) of my Iphone’s camera, but what a day!

I was laughing a little last week. Took the kids to dinner and dessert and seeing how it was 38 degrees outside Dairy Queen seemed a little silly so we went and sure enough, there were a couple of sun-starved young ladies shivering in their flip flops. Guess their persistence should be applauded if not their smarts.

Even though it is currently a parade of deathly pale folks (like myself) you can almost feel moods pick up a little. The skateboarder who decided green light and on-coming traffic be damned, he was going. The fact that he nearly became my hood ornament seems less important now, as it’s unapologetically sunny out.

Good thing.