Random Notes

Letting it roll….

–a member of my employer came up to me at our entrance on a very busy Good Friday and screamed that I was full of certain substances and how being a member should exempt her of having to stand with such crowds. I made mental note that the language choice was interesting since her child probably wasn’t hanging out with sailors yet and that she didn’t notice that the 1500 people that she wanted to cut in front of were also members.

–nothing is a great physical equalizer like standing on concrete for 4 1/2 hours to make you realize that you are no longer bulletproof. I got back to my desk and my back was feeling every bit of its 46 years. Send a celtic kid into the sunshine for the first time and he’ll come back a sun tanned version of Miracle Max. “Oy” was the watch word for the rest of the day, and wrecked me for the night.

–Playoffs start in a week and while the Sabres are leading their division, it doesn’t seem likely that they will run into Tampa or Florida. Get yer crap together fellows.

–My inner sports geek is excited for the opening of baseball season. Controversies aside, something about opening Night at Fenway with the Yankees to start the season feels like must see tv tomorrow night.

–Let me see. The state is about the financially pawn the school systems, firing teachers, closing programs and sacrifice still isn’t getting felt in Albany. The CSEA says they are already sharing the burden with positions going unfilled. Yeah, sure. The State says “hiring freeze,” which for you and me means one thing, for Albany apparently keeps the number in the five digits. The state apparently needed my $10 refund to make sure one of Steve Pidgeon’s folks had lunch money. Are you sure you want the gig there, Andrew?

–I’ve been to Dairy Queen twice this week (Don’t judge me), I was taking the kids! Shaddup.

–Not feeling especially compelled about the Ipad, mostly because I don’t have the spare $500 laying around to invest in one. I think if I did, I would literally be someplace else. I’ve been doing a lot of money chasing lately which has me a little afaid for my creative abilities. Besides, I’m still settling in with my Iphone. Most features, I like, there are a few clunkers, but I have no qualms over the $49 price tag thus far.

–No Easter carols?

–Is my fate going to be determined when I slice the fanny off my butter lamb for a more enjoyable english muffin?

–Not being much of a practicing anything currently, I’ll opt for this over the Ten Commandments (Edward G. Robinson “Where’s your messiah, now, see”)