Baseball in the Sunshine

Look at that, baseball in the sunshine. At 4:00 p.m., Twins fans get reacclimated with the outdoors when the Red Sox help the Twins open their new park. After 29 seasons in the Homerdome, I can’t help but wonder of the generation of Twins fans who might the new stadium might have some bright lights.

Cheers to the lack of a retractable anything, but I bet it will be a little brisk for those late in the season games.


Musta Got Lost

Went out for a stroll post dinner tonight and power of the shuffle setting sent me rolling for a few miles, home flush with fresh air and salient observations:

An old J.Geils Band can make you laugh to yourself, but that isn’t really out of place around Elmwood & Forest.

We would all flunk our road tests if we had to take them again as nobody, myself included, does left turns right. We’re a region of semi-circles, when we should be angles.

Jon Vogl from the Buffalo News is right, the Bass Pro ain’t gonna fly downtown, even if it wasn’t fictional. An IKEA would bring em, though.

It’s “punch bug” not “punch-dub”…asshats

There are some pedestrians that have incredible faith in traffic and how it won’t hit them. Walking back near Delavan, I saw the light change and a bus and car both started to move and the woman darted out in front of both. She stuck her arm out Heisman trophy style like that was enough to keep the vehicles at bay. Guess it was, foolish chance though.

I took my car to the car wash near Record Theatre yesterday and $15 bucks there is worth is worth multiple kisses from the other guys. I couldn’t help but snicker a little as my 8 year old Grand Am was sharing space with a Porsche Boxster, Mercedes and a Cadillac. They all shined up nicely, but I think despite running fine, my car now has esteem issues.

Brodo closed its Elmwood location (bastards!), but that didn’t stop a “Street Commerce” Agent from attempting to relieve folks of extra change. No rocket scientist I, but wouldn’t you double your control group if you did that closer to a business that had people going to it?

Maybe, just maybe, people will get off Patrick Lalime’s case now.

Parenthood has it all over Brothers and Sisters.

Hearing the phrase “Mets-Nats highlights at 11!” doesn’t fill me with, well, any anticipation.

A book and a soundtrack in the Elmwood sunshine seems like well, just right.

The Rollerblade experiment was successfully, just wondering how many peeked out their waterfront windows and wondered….