Another Brick in the Wall

If Neil Young by himself can get $150 a seat, I’m cringing about Roger Waters and the Wall. I want to see it and it is a tremendous show for Buffalo to get but knowing what Live Nation can yield. My wallet is cringing in light of that on-sale date.

Wonder what the “Convenience” charges might be for that?


Tea and Theatre…

I am increasingly not fully grasping the world in which we all reside, and more locally the state which has been my home for all my life. It has its positives as it is home, but some of the caretakers leave something to be desired as they are seemingly all about protecting what they have at the expense of everything else.

With push comes to shove, the state government has been looking for more money instead of less expenses and shuttering the very things that can generate revenue to keep the cognac a-flowing in Albany. As a parent with three kids in the various levels of the system, I worry whenever education cuts get mentioned, but schools should be palaces, but too often live like soup kitchens.

On a personal level, I would intrigued when Carl Paladino announced his intentions to run. Far too often, nobody has said and called people on their shenanigans and the promise of that at least seemed to make for some good television. I’m not going to recount it all as the good folks at have all the pieces to the puzzle, but the email induced meltdown for the Paladino campaign as celebrated on MSNBC’s Countdown effectively puts us back to square one. Mr. P is still celebrated by the Tea Bag movement. Those folks concern me as they, more than anything else, resent not being in power. Perhaps had they voted in serious numbers, that would be less of a problem (unlike the nickname for the movement which will always be a problem).

But I digress…

Not that he really had much of a chance anyway. For whatever reason, the state republicans have hitched their wagon to the candidacy of Rick Lazio, who might be able to inspire a nap. The likely democratic candidate, Andrew Cuomo, can just quietly sit and wait, and announce over the summertime without having to see his name bandied about any gathering of the Tea-Consumers (sorry, I can’t write it).

The protests mystify me a little as does Paladino’s appearance. I can appreciate being made as hell, but aspire to something, stand for something and be informed about it. Mispelled placards and semi-denounced rhetoric are not a movement, but stuff you put on the internet can bring that down. So, as folks find out, choose the words carefully, and forward with care.

It makes me wonder if the whole thing is a genuine protest or just resentment that they aren’t in power.