Bandwagon gets great mileage

with people dropping off. But after Monday night’s playoff loss to the Bruins, you can’t really blame anybody. With a lot on the line, the Sabres, with the exception of Ryan Miller and Mike Grier, were passionless.

Aside from noting that Bruins Coach Claude Julien looks a little like a 3-D Version of Elmer Fudd, a few things come to mind. Emotions run high in the playoff or not at all.

This wasn’t dirty. This was more of the stuff happens variety.

So was this.

When Brian Campbell applied the same to R.J. Umberger against the Flyers in 06, the Flyers responded by every guy taking off after Campbell. What was disappointed to me that in both cases, no Sabres approached Boychuk, said anything about his Momma, checked him hard, anything. Bruins and the Garden in general seemed a little energizes

Intense hockey is the beauty of playoffs, makes them fun to watch, but the boys in blue and gold haven’t matched that intensity yet, with the exception of Ryan Miller. There were some slow rising passion toward the end, but too little too late. Little things like Tim Kennedy getting outmuscled and outskilled by a twice his age Mark Recchi was the story of things. It’s only 2-1 so it wasn’t urgent, but Wednesday night will be.


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