Nurseable Grudges

A few random thoughts from the week that was:

-The paving of Delaware Park’s ring road started this week, lousing life up for those of us who work there. I first saw the sign Wednesday, revised for Thursday centered around all our usual turf. At this rate, I’ll be paying my employer to park in our lot where it’s safe. It will be fine in the end as it is nice to have a break from people who drive smart cars yet still manage to take up two parking spaces.

-Can’t our cable provider get BBC America and CBC in HD? CBC for the hockey and BBC for the Top Gear? I’d be a happy guy.

-Think Derek Roy’s disappearance from the stat sheet saved Cellino and Barnes substantive cash?

-Speaking of Top Gear, the History Channel is going to take a shot at an American version, which will be a mistake. The quintessentially British car show is as much fun as it is because of the people doing it. Instead of American comics, do us a favor and show some from early launch. We don’t always need to convert to improve. But at least, it’s the History Channel trying because if NBC gave it a go, it would be doomed. One of the actual hosts of the program, Jeremy Clarkson, once told some tv writers that American audiences wouldn’t get it. He’s wrong, american television executives wouldn’t get it.

-I think Joe Golombek might be on to something if he’d quit fighting Sam Hoyt and thought more about Antoine Thompson (not my concept, but I agree with wholeheartedly)

-The nicest thing I can think to say about Dale Volcker’s retirement is “Bye”

-Thanks to my company’s stature, the loan I took has already started being paid back and I still haven’t seen the check yet.

-Really don’t care about the NFL Draft and the ratings/cash grab of two nights of prime time tv, which did serve to keep the Mets off it.


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