As in validation. We all want some. You want to know that showing up matters, at a job, at a relationship, at even an election.

The quest for connections is right up there with looking for a place to park in terms of our emotional energy. It can be tough and illusory. A relationship I had undertaken two years ago ended and it wasn’t the ending that was the toughest part. It was that I was a place holder for somebody else.

Professionally, you want it to matter that it is you who shows up. Finally, I’m in a place where that is the case. But I’ve previously watched people get dismissed in mass. At no point where those poor souls people, they were numbers. The guy doing the firing was simply completing the erasure.

You can see how the Tea partiers might have taken that to a greater degree thinking their opinion has been ignored. Personally, I think many just resent the fact that they aren’t in control and view what is transpiring as scary. No less scary than what has transpired over the past eight years, only real difference is that they seemed to like it then.

But when things don’t favor you, you get outshouted, replaced, reduced, downsized, shunned, it can make you wonder.

We need to connect and be connected to now and again, else disconnecting wouldn’t be as much fun as it can be.

There is a point, just sometimes hard to find.