The President is coming to Town

That’s exciting! Haven’t seen him January 20th of last year.

To read anything of tangible significance into it is a little crazy, but why can’t Buffalo enjoy a nice morale boost. It will be fun to see the local tv folk puffed up with temporary importance while they stand THIS CLOSE to Chuck Todd, who will no doubt be doing his stand up in front of the Anchor Bar. In the category of me being amazed at the things we choose to care about, there is a thread on Buffalo Rising about what restaurants he should visit in the partial day he’ll be here. The posters championing the Chophouse as a quintessential Buffalo location make me chuckle. Those passionate posters ignore the fact that there are plenty of overpriced, self-indulgent steak outlets inside the Beltway. The fact that there is even any kind of discussion is pretty silly as I’m sure the White House had this all figured out some time ago.

The best idea to come from anyplace comes from a republican, yes, a republican friend of mine who suggested that the President, in his stated goal of supporting small business, stop in support a business that was an early supporter of him: Zillycakes

I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a cupcake and I defy somebody to go to Zilly, belly up to the cupcake bar and immediately feel happy. But given her gift for imagery leading to the inauguration, it would make a topper to what I am sure will be a day of photo ops.

And to think, a republican had to think of it.