That ain’t good.

But you knew that. You don’t need “Boycott BP” facebook groups to tell you that is bad. You don’t need pointless congressional hearings held by folks desperate to appear busy. You don’t need folks screaming about the lack of government action when six months ago, they were screaming “Drill Baby Drill.”

I sympathize with Plaquemines Parish president Billy Nungesser. He was on the Today show lamenting how money has been allocated already to study prevention in the future, while solutions to the problem right in front of us all is proving illusive. Mr. Nungesser eloquently called for action and rightly so as the marshlands are soaking in oil and dispersant, the area fishermen are five weeks without a paycheck (sort of like NYS legislators), the gulf is going dark and Rube Goldberg could seriously come in handy about now.

If blowing mud and concrete was a good idea, why didn’t it occur until now? Bet the now famous shot of the brown pelican soaked in crude wouldn’t be so overplayed.

I read a wonderfully inept news article about the spill being “Obama’s Katrina.” I love it when crappy gossip is costumed as analysis. All the small government hawks now want the government to intercede. That seems a little hypocritical considering they would hate the government interference in any other respect. But with BP playing a game of “What if we take a few rubber bands, some chewing gum and…” Perhaps the Obama adminstration should take the lead as BP isn’t going to McGuyver their way out of this one.

I got a bad feeling about this.