The Glamour of Show Biz

One of the downsides of living alone is that there is nobody to complain to when the alarm goes off to early. I had to do another TV stint for my employer and of course it is for an early morning show, which meant getting to work at 5, which meant getting up at 4.

Given our heat of late, my adoration for my air conditioner knows no bounds, but it’s unifying rumble drown out Delaware Ave fairly well. Of course, you don’t sleep great knowing that it is happening.

Having done this a few times, I strive to make it easy. Pick out some clothes the night before to minimize the thinking involved. Alarm goes off and I groggily get myself together. I grab my glasses to use as coverage for any bags under my eyes.

One of the upsides to getting to Delaware Park at 5 AM is the abundance of parking spaces. Got a good one. Got inside, got a water bottle and headed out to let the reporter and crew in. Everything goes pretty well. Didn’t studder, yet I talked with my hands a little much for an Irish guy. Sent them on their merry way a little after 7AM and still had the rest of the work day.

Got to book around 2, seized the day and did laundry, ran a quick errand or two and settled in a little. Nice little ego trip when the landlord tells you that “you sounded pretty good dere!” By the same token, you know that is a funky schedule that you aren’t used to when the couch feels a little too comfortable and all the dialogue on Top Gear sounds like “mooje, mooje, mooje.”

That was God’s way of telling me it was time for bed. 10 hours later, I wasn’t a new man, just a refreshed version of the old one.

Crap, I’m old, but apparently still telegenic.