I started to become one late on June 1st, 1991. My darling eldest decided to announce her impending arrival around 10:30 at night and as a sign of things to come, couldn’t be bothered to finish the job until 8:30 the following evening. Little devil had to make an entrance. In prepping for the big event, I read all the books and immediately upon arriving at the hospital, all the books, except for the Dad’s chapter of “What to Expect while you are expecting,” proved useless.

Darling daughter is owed a favor by her two siblings as we made return trips to Sisters in 1994 and 1998 and were intellectually much better prepared to cause trouble on our own behalf. But in 1991, I was certain of one thing, well, two things (we have a beautiful daughter) and that Lemaze was crap. My dad took a spill a few years back and I could swear I felt a few piercing glances (the kids lovely mother and I weren’t suffering fools quietly).

Happy Birthday, darlin

She’s the clean shaven one.


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