“A Major Award”

Buffalo Spree had their “Best of Buffalo” fundraiser last night in Shea’s Buffalo and a low operator like myself scored a ticket as my employer received the “Best Place for Kids” award. Please note that we don’t want to keep them. I didn’t know many folks, at least not initially, but it was a good time instantly. I wasn’t five feet in the door before a spumante cocktail (better than it sounds) was in my hands. That alone is proof of good omens. Here’s the view from the folks who were offering up crabcake sliders. Typically, if I am at event like this. I’m working it.

We liked them thrice, as well as the Torches ode to all things grilled. Great to finally meet some of the fine Buffalo Blogger crowd in person. It’s funny to know folks without knowing, if that makes sense. In essence, I got to meet a few old friends for the first time (not to mention have drinks brought for me). How great is that?

Thanks, Spree for a nice happy hour.