My knees have potty mouths

One of the cool aspects of the recent Buffalo Spree “Best of Buffalo” gathering (aside from hanging a bit with Jen14221, buffalopundit, buffalogeek and other blogger rock stars) was the ability to just sit back and enjoy one of the big events in Buffalo without working it from the staging things side. Nothing keeps you humbler at one of those gatherings than working them.

The ones my employer put on are pretty well-received and I’m proud of the work we do. Day 3 of our annual members celebration has me feeling my years. It’s actually a pretty nice event as folks can come in the evening. That, in and of itself, is a nice value for working folks so everybody can come together.

That said, I’m glad I can still represent perhaps even better than I did a decade ago. I just notice it a lot more the next morning.

Fool that I am, I tack on stuff that needs done after each evening. Three straight long days makes a person whipped.

I renew my respect for roadies as my colleagues and I are ready to take this act on the road, ready for 3000 people in just a few short minutes.

But sitting down has never felt so good, at least not since last year