Musical Comfort Food

One of the more interesting games for me floating around facebook was to see what your Ipod reveals about your tastes when left to its own devices. It’s made the rounds a few times and a good friend of mine with considerable musical acumen posted it again, I gave it a go. You let your Ipod shuffle and see what the first 10 stops are. Here’s what I got:

10) Code of Silence – Bruce Springsteen
9) Don’t Drink the Water — Dave Matthews Band
8) Tore Down a la Rimbaud — Van Morrison
7) Breakfast at Tiffany’s — Deep Blue Something
6) Good-Bye — Frank Sinatra… See More
5) Drive My Car — Beatles
4) Exquisitely Bored — Pete Townshend
3) Beautiful Day — U2
2) Quarter to Three — Bruce Springsteen
1) My Sweet Lord — Billy Preston

I don’t think that really says much of anything, but it did get me thinking about musical comfort food. Your Ipod is sentient. Hence the title, here. Your favorites are your favorites for no definable reason. They just “do it” for you. I mused about that in an early blog, but the opposite side of that is rediscovering stuff that you may have taken for granted since some stations never stopped playing them.

Never been a huge Pink Floyd fan, but I went on a pretty serious Itunes bender not too long ago, thinking what a great guitar solo at the end of “Money.”

Got a Crowded House ticket and it made me wax poetic for some of the fixtures of my college radio station, well, not too much, as we really didn’t need the actual safety dance to come back.