People are Funny

Took a couple spins of the property as guests came to see us a decent day for doing such things. The people watching, when you can afford the time in this or any other large gathering of a few thousand people, is a hoot. A few observations did come to mind as the golf cart I was driving was pleading for its electric day to end.

— A road test for folks with doublewide strollers probably wouldn’t be the worst idea ever.

— Apparently a lot of people followed Bill Cosby’s family tree as many visitors today had kids named “Jesus Christ,” “Lookitdammit” and “Comeherecomeherecomehere.”

— Public spaces breed lots of little worlds. Three men with cameras, taking photos of people, all backed into one another. In Driver’s Ed, they teach you to turn around and look, but nobody does that either. But that is a rant of a different color.

— Saw two different folk who decided where they were headed by walking in circles.

— Asked a guy to put his cigarette as he was lighting up under a no smoking sign.

ah, show biz