Absolutely the Last Airbender

or so we could hope. Had all the ingredients to escape the heat and humidity at the movies, a couple of passes, popcorn, drinks, an obligation free late afternoon and the great company of my terrific 12 year old son. At his request, we were going to check out “The Last Airbender.” Since I’m never too far from my inner 12 year old, I thought why not? M. Night Shamaylan, who better allow for a typo on his name, has made a few decent films in his time.

Sadly, this was not one of them. The beginning was fine, the end came at the appropriate time, but they were exceedingly far apart. A quasi-mystical story laden with some decent CGI imagery couldn’t cover up for the craptastic product being display before our rapidly reddening eyes.

The movie ended with one of those screaming for a sequel in 2013 endings. I mused “hmmm” outloud and my lovely boy in perfect deadpan allowed instantly thereafter how “Yeah, that really sucked.” Funniest line of the whole experience.


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