The Prop 8 Battle

I have been sort of pundit-ed out lately preferring to dabble in facts for awhile before the mid terms get serious. I’ve been trying to keep on an eye peeled on how Bass Pro decided on how they weren’t going to put out after nine years of dates, how the state government hasn’t learned a thing, how the county is rearranging the deck chairs on our fiscal Titanic and so on. In the middle of all that, a Federal Judge in California (A G.W. Bush appointee no less) decided that Proposition 8, the one banning gay marriage was unconstitutional.

Somebody doing something because it is the right thing to do. I wasn’t sure if that existed. A few folks in my social sphere are slightly to the right of Attila the Hun on such matters and mentioned how marriage is done in the church. With half of all marriages ending in divorce these days, the sanctity argument rings a little hallow. I swallow the obvious response, but the license comes from city hall. Not to mention, that we don’t all go to the same church. I’m going to play a bit from Keith Olbermann in just a second (quiet, conservatives, this one is apolitical) because he said something, probably better than I could, about it being why are so many people opposed?

Hell, in the 60s, there were 19 states (I looked) where blacks and whites couldn’t have married, which would have been bad news for my three lovely people.

Set your bias aside and watch this, it was done as the initial decision came down, but is worthy of another look in light of the judge’s decision tonight.

We could really stand to take better care of each other.

We as a people seem to be against happy. If my former spouse and her partner could legally marry, I’m pretty sure the planet will continue spinning, the Buffalo Common Council will obfuscate and the Buffalo Sabres will just frustrate. This all mystifies me. Such a law really wouldn’t change a thing in the grand scheme, we would all get the freedoms we talk about but never use. Yet, invariably another appeal will probably be filed, as money, courtime will be wasted on ensuring that the portion of the population afraid of what is not happening in their own home gripes and complains, as we continue to so afraid of what we don’t know about.



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