Helen Wheels

12 Aug

I made an interesting discovery a number of years ago about driving. You know you are going to do okay as a driver if you can successfully manipulate your dad’s car through the unholy nexus of the Queen-E to the 401 to the 427 in and around Toronto. This happened in 1986 for me while my poor Dad was helplessly strapped in the station wagon in front of us. The fact that we were both going around 80 to keep up with traffic added to the drama. I don’t know know if he was watching me or worried that Mom was driving him. All I know is that when we stopped north of Toronto for a breather before making the final assault to cottage country, the color returned to his face at an impressive clip.

That occurred to me as I drove my current car into Toronto for the Monday Paul McCartney show. With a short commute, I don’t really have to “put my foot down” too much and I was curious how my grand am would handle the craziness that is the Canadian highways. The answer was happily “What else you got?”

I learned that BMW owners don’t like getting overtaken, so I did it a second time. Years of journeying to or through Toronto kick in and I seamlessly navigated onto the Gardiner Expressway and across traffic to Front Street and our base camp, across the street from Spot Coffee ironically enough.

I guess my point in all of this is that it is good to have a car that can handle it. In my car owning years, I’ve been burdened with more than my share of hooptys and who’d a thunk that General Motors would be the one to reverse that trend. It’s a nice feeling to know we can get there, especially when you have this sitting outside your hotel window.

That was a little eerie, to look out your window and see a 50,000 empty room like that, but the proximity to the Blue Jays press box gave us wi-fi to go along with a night of great music.


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