16 Aug

Phew, for a minute there, I thought the midterm elections were going to be about the BP mess or the war in Afghanistan, or the economy, jobs, or any slew of other issues. But a local issue is becoming a national issue just like that. An article in the Huffington Post by Philip Smucker says it better than I could:

Obama and That Damn Mosque: A Clarion Voice for Freedom

A friend pointed out that he didn’t think it was a Bill of Rights issue. Taken straight ahead, he’s right but I think he may have missed the mark as we state freedom of religion pretty explicitly. It doesn’t read “some religions” or “the ones we agree with this week.” Last time I looked nobody has a monopoly on Zealots.

If you have never been in the neighborhood, check out You get an accurate representation of what is “hallowed.”

It is an interesting collection of discourse to me. We are not of one faith and the building in question may or may not have gotten some of the 9/11 fuselage on it and would have to come down.

Working in the field in which I do, my biggest question is more a should instead of a could. Should they be allowed to? I think the answer to that is an easy yes or else you add hypocrites to the list of things in our melting pot. Should they want to in this climate?

Either we are for freedom for religion or we’re not, and if the rhetoric continues at the levels it is currently and if that is going to be my house of worship, I might not want to go.

We shouldn’t be making folks run a gauntlet to find a little peace.


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