Streets of Fire

16 Aug

Oh, fer pete’s sake!

Nothing like fostering a little more unnecessary fear about coming into the City. This area can be a polarizing place and this sort of nonsense just adds to it.

The area around City Grill is mostly a ghost town in the evening and this type of stuff makes it sound like any restaurant reservations are caught in crossfire on a regular basis.

Instead, we get handwringing about what this means for Canalside, self perpetuating negative stereotypes about all facets of the tragedy, the embarrassment of local media covering it via twitter feeds and via national media instead of going down the street.

As I write this comes a tweet that the thing might have been gang related, which doesn’t diminish the tragic nature of it, but might explain how something so horrific could happen in a spot where not much happens.

I suppose you could say the radio station could say it is a sidebar to a story, but it is tantamount to having nothing to say. In that instance shuttin up is a good thing too.


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