“Click & Clack”

Car repairs are a necessary evil. Maintenance is even more important.

I try to take good care of my ride and it has been a good soldier for me. The hoops you have to jump through to keep things that way can sometimes make your head spin. When getting ready to go to Toronto a couple of weeks ago, I went to the usual place to get fluids checked and topped off. I got a talking to since it had been three months since my last oil change and apparently you can only get one free check between oil changes. Nevermind that the 3000 mile yardstick was not hit yet.

The manager grumbles and scolds me, but does the check anyway. Flawless trip.

I go to get the change last week at lunch — no soap, too busy understaffed.

Came back Saturday prior to work, understaffed again.

I leave work right on time today, and the extra variant of the “Low coolant” light pops on and then off. Probably nothing, but the brief site gets your spidey sense a tingling.

Finally on the third try, everything gets done, but it increases your awareness about every little detail. A little steam came out on the short drive home and suddenly I was focused, radio off, listening “Is that noise coming from my car?” “What did the dead end Kids forget to tighten? “They spill something?”

Ultimately, the answer was nothing, but the prospect puts you on edge. I might put the radio back on for the next trip out.


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