Big Old Jet Airliner

I get a lot of travel and tourism info sent to work because of my job.I had the following blog sent to my work email and the story about enhanced pat-downs and the full body, leave nothing to the imagination scanners made wonder.

Check it out, it made me think back to one of the buddhas of my youth, George Carlin, and a rant he delivered about the airlines in an HBO concert shortly after 9/11.

There is an awful lot of trappings with the full body scanners, and apparently, in Boston, full body gropings that has managed to strip (no pun intended) any sense of adventure to flying and make the experience as dehumanizing as is possible.

You want to be, like Louie C.K. says, in your chair on the plane thinking “I’m in a chair, in the sky!….OOHHMYGODDD!!!” Instead, you are shoeless in JFK airport because where else would you rather be barefoot?

A ever-shifting menage of regulations, inspections, and expensive malfunctioning equipment hasn’t really changed a thing. In fact, the system is worse. When you actually get to your plane, the likelihood of sitting in that comfy chair and waiting for something to happen has become the norm. Gas prices returned to non-story status, yet the airlines still are charging you for a pillow to help cover the fuel costs and their crappy business models.

I agree with the author as the TSA never explains. We don’t know. When flying home from New York two years ago, my daughter had a bottle of water that the “Guard” took and stepped to the side of the security entrance with, to do something with. I guess if my lovely daughter is properly hydrated, the terrorists win.

The fearmongering is of an invasive variety. The keeping your toiletries in a quart bag was in consistently enforced. Buffalo just needed to see it was on top of the xray of my backpack. Milwaukee made me take it out and show my shampoo to them.

A lot of time and money has gone into the upping of the “Security” and it makes you wonder why. Why are things getting so wracheted up now? What is to be gained? It’s never going to be air tight. There is no such thing as a perfectly safe “anyplace.” To pretend so is foolish. I think old George was on to something when he posited that this was all put in place “to make the white folks feel safer.”


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