Accidents will happen

I was sitting and idly watching a rerun of No Reservations this afternoon when this loud crash happened outside.

My first thought was the little old man who lives in the other building really tagged something trying to park in the garage. So I went down to make sure, well, nothing I owed was hit. It turns out the mayhem was strewn across Delaware and Utica, where a speeding sedan hit an SUV so hard, it flipped onto the grass of the Hellenic Church. Both cars were going to be totalled. According to a guy who saw the whole thing, the sedan carrying two women ignored a red light and plowed in the SUV. Only one injury which was a pretty good miracle considering the state of both the cars. Along with another resident of my building, I watched a tow truck driver move a troublesome bumper by yanking it off the car (Remember when bumpers mattered?) to tow away what used to be a camry of some vintage.

When the news cameras appeared, that seemed to be a good cue to disappear. It did however, kill my desire to hop in the car and drive over to a class I’ve been muddling through. Bagged an afternoon session in the sweatbox of hatha yoga for a walk in the fresh air with a fully loaded Ipod. It was a nice change of pace until the cadre of NFTA cops and Ambulance outside of Zetti’s Pizza. There were enough vehicles that made me think Zetti’s might want to think of more made to order fare.


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