Smoke gets in your eyes…

For a few years, the building next to my apartment building has sat empty and dormat. A few weeks ago, either the owner or new owner started a flurry of activity to rehab it for use as an apartment building. All well and good that. They fenced in the driveways with the requisite hard hat warnings at the end of either driveway. It is a three story structure. The construction crew hung a trash shoot from the top of the building to a dumpster at the foot of the building, directly opposite the entry to our garage.

Again, no big whoop. I’m leaving for work this morning when a worker is taping “Asbestos removal” signs to all the current doors for public viewing. Not great news, but whatever. I come home tonight to see a mushroom cloud enveloping the garbage shoot of trash that made me think twice of opening my window to open the garage door.

It reminds me of the old set up for smoking sections in restaurants, like the silver bar would somehow repel the cigar smoke back to the appropriate places in EB Greens.

Can’t hurt ya, I guess, as they did hang a poster


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