9/11 random notes

It’s on my mind a little bit, thanks to the regurgitation of the tv coverage. One of those seminal moments that seems like 2 minutes ago and twenty years ago at the same time. As the event started to unfold, I has just put my daughters on their bus to school. Number one Son and I had come back into the house. He was three at the time and was set to try out a little school that afternoon. As the event started to unfold, I was clued to the Today Show as it was obviously something bigger than the initial small fire they reported.

As events morphed into what we now know, you start to remember the little things. Both my sisters lived in Manhattan and it struck me how little I knew of their routines as to where they traveled during the workday. I’m not completely befuddled when it comes to New York City geography, but it doesn’t take much to make you completely forget what you know. And as an added topper, My Dad was rented out to a software firm whose offices were across the street from the Pentagon. So, we had the event better covered than some news organizations I could name.

My son was three and looking forward to Blues Clues but for once I was stuck on the Today Show as they brought whoever they could find in an attempt to describe it all. I remember calling my now ex wife at work and telling her to get to a tv set. At the time, the one tower of the trade center was on fire, but the time she saw it, the tower was falling.

I was actually looking at some of the different things on the History Channel this morning. They had an interesting look at the actual cause of the collapse, what literally made the buildings give way. This was sort of interesting as it was a different perspective and could help with engineering feats going forward. Currently looking at the story of what the air traffic network had to do that morning. I opened up my facebook news feed and sure, there are a number of bromides to “Never forget…” Of course, no one will ever forget, the trick is to remember without reliving it.

From the community center discussion, to the Florida crackpot, everybody’s talking, but nobody listens. Kinda what got us into this mess.


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