Election Daze

It’s been a little pet peeve of mine how primaries prior to elections have been bastardized by both parties. Party chairs come out and pick their guys and then wonder why turnout was off. Despite that muddleheaded thinking, I was entertained at Carl Paladino’s win on Primary Night. I don’t think Rick Lazio could inspire a good night’s sleep in a narcoleptic and that might have help Paladino’s totals. Personally, the idea of somebody who isn’t beholden to anybody is going to make for an entertaining campaign. Love him or hate him, Paladino certainly will not be dull.

One of the funniest bits to come out of Election Night was the Daily Show’s “How the Democrats will F*ck this up?” Arguing that the Tea Party Movement will split republican voters and damage those chances, yet the Democrats will find a way to mess that up. This is a concept that does have some precedent. Already, the Cuomo camp is running out the “email scandal,” the “wedlock scandal” and others that quickly faded from media interest when they were first reviewed. He’s no choir boy to be sure, and I think he’d admit that too. Albany has more than a few criminals and despots who practically have seat belts on their legislative chairs. There are way too many people working there and not enough people working in the rest of the state. As my good friend Pete Herr writes on his site, http://www.buffalostuff.net, New York is broken and has been for a long time.

When such communities pillars like D’Mato, Koch and McCall are writing an open letter worried about Paladino being wrong for the state and the “rich tradition” of legislators in New York, it does dramatically illustrate just how much of a problem we have. Those three don’t see what they’ve inflicted, just that somebody with deep enough pockets to make “Status Cuomo” a serious challenge is out there and he doesn’t care what the establishment thinks.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not really enamored with either candidate. I think some of Cuomo’s policies as HUD Secretary set the table for the many of the mortgage troubles in recent times and I don’t cleaning up Albany is going to be quite as easy as Mr. Paladino thinks.

That said, a debate between the two should make for some truly “must-see” tv


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