“Usher! That Man is Annoying Me!”

29 Sep

Dabbling once again in the part time employment arts for the sake of my wallet, I made my debut as an usher at the Sabres/Leafs game the other night at the arena. Unlike my stint with our professional football association, this has the benefit of being indoors and just a few moments from my apartment door. There is the side benefit of me rocking the usher look as well. As tasks go, it’s pretty straightforward, nothing too complicated, learn what seats are where around you, get folks in, monitor a little traffic, talk a little hockey and get paid to the see the game to boot. That is win-win.

Got to give out a practice puck to a little kid who was sporting a newly purchased jersey, betting Dad is the bigger fan having clad his son in what was tantamount to a Sabres nightshirt. Having the Leafs in town upped the smack talking as the Leaf fans head to HSBC in such numbers because Toronto home games are exorbitantly priced and tickets still hard to come by. If you weren’t watching, goals had to wait for the horn to differentiate between who scored.

It was the first night so things are still finding their routine, but I think the thing that attracts me to this kind of stuff is the whole “Being backstage” as something is preparing to happen. I’ve never had to be ‘the Guy,” but it is fun to help “The Guy” get ready to take the stage, to be a part of something bigger than you, even on the inside. That is where you get to see an event, even a preseason hockey game start to take shape.

Walking around the entrance and the “red carpet” arrival across the plaza and have another gentleman grouse to me about “we don’t get that” made me laugh. The blazer is fairly snappy as fair as uniforms go and I was shown the ropes by a good guy who lives for hockey and has been as his post since the arena opened. It’s a kick to say that on Sunday, I got a game 🙂


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