Comfortably Numb

Maybe it’s the fact Roger Waters arrives in Buffalo to perform The Wall in its entirety next week, but Pink Floyd came back on my radar and this song has been in my mental remote control a lot the past few days.

It’s funny because you can sometimes hear stuff a million times, but something has to kick in to remind you to listen to it to remind you how good or crappy it is. But when you consider the soap opera that can be some musical groups it is a wonder they put anything out. Probably won’t hear the above next friday, but I would imagine he might give us a few Floyd bits in the encores. But the resulting hullabaloo of a major concert in the area has the local classic rockers playing more Floyd to hype the show. It’s good for this stuff to come by as obviously Floyd is done but to hear the guy who wrote most of it seems like a good thing. I know he did Dark Side of the Moon at Darien Lake a couple summers ago, but there is something about that as a concert venue that is something lacking to me.

I remember reading about when Pink Floyd staged a few shows around the Wall when it was released and can only imagine what technology of 2010 can do for the styrofoam bricks of 1980. It will be fun to find out.


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