Cream of the Crop?

So, Carl Paladino will “take a reporter out?” And Andrew Cuomo‘s minions are digging up old news on staffers working for Paladino. When you read about the exchanges in the press this week, you can’t help but wonder if either is really concerned with the abhorrent state the state is in. We are fooling ourselves if we think we are getting choir boys with any election and the media fixation with things that have nothing to do with governing doesn’t aid in the discussion. The state has been a poor business model for a very long time and so far, nobody has said what they are going to do about that. That matters more than ANY of the shenanigans being talked about this week.

With the transparency, power trips, and manipulation that was evident in plan site from the Espada episodes onward, you’d have to wonder who in their right mind would want the job?

The authorities are bloated, you have assemblymen saying things like “My boss, Shelly,” implying the peoples business was only getting attended to unless Mr. Silver said so, and in the flood of glossy postcards that filled my mailbox leading up to primary day, nobody was going to fix anything, nobody has a plan other than beating and insulting the guy they are running against.With candidates campaigning on things they DIDN’T completed like UB2020 and the party chairs picking their guys before the primaries, it’s a wonder people showed up to vote in the primaries at all. But if we get the leadership we deserve, as the saying goes, we must really suck.