Deja Crap All Over Again

As Dan Ackroyd’s SNL character would say, the Bills are horribly bad, brilliantly awful, positively dreadful. It has me pricing Argos jerseys.

When I was seven, my Dad took me to my first game and we watched in near horror as Johnny Unitas and the then Baltimore Colts had an open practice with the Bills as the scrub team. The Colts dismantled the team that would finish 1-13. The Jets replicated the feat today. Now, if the Bills could score 30 points against New England in last week’s morale victory and considering how stiff they were today, wonder what that says about the Pats. And if folks thought this was the game they might steal, what were those folks thinking?

This picture from the Buffalo News says it all. The Bills spent the afternoon seeing green….go past them.

The throwback costumes looked good, but I’m not sure who were wearing them.

And what does Chan Gailey have against Fred Jackson anyway?


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