The Bills make me want to pout

Think about it for a moment.

The good Bills teams have been more of an oddity if you consider the 50 year history of the franchise. The Super Bowl era teams spoiled us to thinking that the hometown heroes were something of an elite squad, when the truth be told is that they were a bit of anomaly.

The horror movie that was this week’s game with the Jets has been more common place. The window around the AFL champs was only a few seasons long as was the brief prominence around Lou Saban’s second run (72-75). There was enough tantalizing there to lure a young fan in before the clouds reformed until the Chuck Knox era. The late 80s/90s and Marv Levy gave us those lasting memories that we’re clinging to, over the talk of the game, lining up at Trench printing for the next title t-shirt.

I think that is why we were all so infatuated with Doug Flutie when he came to town. There was possibility and some room to hope.

There are some good players there. Has anybody seen Fred Jackson lately? He kept the boat afloat offensively last year and is missing in action so far. But collectively, to paraphrase Rick Jeanneret, these guys are bad, scary bad.

Games like yesterday are like traffic accidents. You should look away, but you can’t help yourself. But 10 years since the last whiff on anything.

Sure, there have been windows, momentary lapses in the numbing amount of losses. The Bledsoe trade, the Donohoe signing — the actualities didn’t pan out so well, but those little things keep us signing up for more punishment, but out of the 50 years, there have been maybe a baker’s dozen that haven’t been cringeworthy.

Winning sells stuff, Ralph. A winner breeds jersey sales, sponsorships and young fans. Weren’t the early 90s great? Lord knows money is being spent, but if Chris Kelsay is a $24 million dollar linebacker, I’m well, something more prosperous than I am.

My point is that it was pretty evident that Trent Edwards wasn’t the sole problem on the org chart.


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