Run Like Hell

Roger Waters is a freaking genius. His current tour of The Wall is a sight. I was in the audience for the Buffalo stop and it was a a complete show, literally, flawless sound, the erection and destruction of the Wall, complete with updated graphics from the old Pink Floyd animator. The first view of the model airplane crashing into the “Wall” served notice that this wasn’t just any rock concert. This wasn’t a rock concert in the traditional sense as the performance was of just the entirety of The Wall, the legendary Pink Floyd album created by Waters. It was one of those albums that we all had, but there was no sense of nostalgia in the playing of the 30 year old album as a performance piece.

The show was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

From waiting for the “Construction” to the performances of songs that are so familar

Comfortably Numb

In the end, the Wall did come down, but it was a glorious end. Even my Iphone had a good time.

This video is from Boston a few nights ago, but it gives you an idea

Great show, catch the tour if you can.


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