Puckin’ Around

Always thought the home team always looked better in white, as the Sabres will be Friday evening when the Canadiens come to town to mark the 40th anniversary of the first NHL game in Buffalo. Lucked into a pair of seat for free, so number one son and I will venture in on the festivities. Losing streak be damned, something about games with the Canadiens have never lost their luster. I wasn’t supposed to work the game which is good, as it will be cool to be able to my son and well, have a seat.

Floyd Smith and Henri Richard will recreate that faceoff to start the game, should be site, considering neither was a rookie when the above picture was taken. Richard was on the team, but that is Canadiens legend Jean Believeau in the photo. A better site would be a win.

Fun to hear the Aud’s old announcer, Milt Ellis, tonight though. It feels classier.

Free will definitely be good