The week that was…

So, the Sabres celebrated the fortieth anniversary of the first pro hockey game in Buffalo last night, by playing like an expansion team. Everything was right, they looked good in the new/old white jerseys, the Sabredance was played (How does that not happen more often?) and old Aud P.A. announcer Milt Ellis was handling some of the duty. I joked with the guys sitting behind my son and me that one of the highlights was hearing the familiar “Last minute of play in this period” call come to life.

For more sounds of the aud, head over to
There wasn’t a better story than the Chilean miners being rescued safely. It’s admirable how they are sticking together on everything, because you know movie, book and whatnot deals are happening in some fashion. If I work for Oakley sunglasses, I’m hard at work at finding a hook since the guys are sporting the glasses as they adjust to surface light.
Despite last night, it will be Yanks and Phillies in the World Series, with the Phillies winning.
With Carl Paladino imploding with every utterance and nothing coming from Andrew Cuomo, I sort of wonder what else we got? After Paladino’s last collection of gaffs, which I won’t recount here, you know any national GOP money hightailed to places where they still have a chance.
Funny how casual observers can make an occasion unintentionally hilarious. Roger Waters, founding evil genius of Pink Floyd staged “The Wall” rather brilliantly last week at the Arena. A wall got built during the first half of the show and was blown asunder for the conclusion. When Waters led his band through a performance of “Hey You” to start the second half of the show, a woman across the row from me got on her phone and complained that he was performing “behind the wall.” Hello, look, there goes the point…and you missed it.
Been wearing multiple hats at work lately and that number is decreasing which is a good thing, as I am a barely passable me, but it’s nice to know I can pull it off.
The game might have stunk last night, but it was a lot of fun to hang with my son at Fat Bob’s for dinner and enjoy the high hilarity of the vertigo section at the Arena.

Just what was needed


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