Good Beer and Quality Pie

Two things that were high on my list of things to acquire during a nice respite from the demands of work.

In other news, Ghost Hunters at the Central Terminal managed to recreate the excitement of Geraldo Rivera at Al Capone’s vault.

The Comedy Central sponsored Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear was an amiable mess, but Jon Stewart’s speech at the end made it worth it. I’m no acolyte, but it was a nice dose of common sense, an antidote from times when the sides have no plan other than to take down each other. Take a look

As I sit here in my costume of good looking, middle aged guy who enjoys a good beer, the Bills lost again, but not after a round of time out shenanigans that stole a 53 yard field goal away from Ryan Lindell. I know that is part of the game, but that is a part that could use tweaking. Icing the kicker is one thing, fleecing him seems more like cheating.

Ryan Fitzpatrick might not be the quarterback of the future, but he is racking up the morale victory count. If only those meant something.

Was curious about the release of extra seats for the Dave Matthews Band show on Tuesday at the arena, but to order seats online, you have to pay a fee of $23.50 per TICKET to complete your order. In essence, to buy two tickets online, you have to pony up the cost of a third. Among the list of things in our world that are broken, you can add that. admittedly not very high on the list, but it should be there.

I’m still getting used to the idea of both of my daughters able to take to the roadways. Both were awarded their permits last weekend. While this was inevitable, it took a little bit to get used to the idea. With the suggestion of a friend, I came up with a good plan for getting them comfortable in the car. One of the ladies is a little more nervous so I had some fun and offered her the wheel as we got on the 190 for a ride home. The look of fear while she said “no,” was a good for me.

It will be a good week, only have three work days, and I have pie


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